Terms and conditions


The contract is the document or documents that set out the conditions and all other details about the agreement for supply of services between the Contractor and the Customer. The ‘Contractor’ shall mean  RSVP Events Verbier and it's licensed service providers. The ‘Customer’ shall mean the party that contracts for the services of the contractor. The conditions of this agreement exclude any terms and conditions that may have been put forward by the customer, except where the contractor has agreed to any amendments or other conditions in writing. These conditions do not affect the statutory rights of the customer. The Contract will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Swiss Law.



On confirmation of this proposal, a 50% deposit invoice will be raised which shall act as a confirmation of the event, which is the subject of this contract. Additional charges such as venue hire, venue costs and transportation, will be invoiced in full with the initial deposit invoice. The remaining balance will be invoiced on completion of the event; this invoice is due for immediate payment. The deposit invoice is payable no later than 14 days prior to the execution of the contract terms.


3. TVA

All prices are quoted exclusive of value added tax, which will be added where applicable at the prevailing rate.



The contract comes into being on written acceptance of the proposal, whether by letter or e-mail



In the event of cancellation of an event that has been confirmed under section 2 of this contract the contractor will be entitled to invoice the customer as follows:

a. Cancellation of contract more than 14 days prior to the agreed date of the event, 50% of contract value will become due;

b. Cancellation of contract less than 14 days prior to the agreed date of the event, 70% of contract value will become due;

c. Cancellation of contract less than 7 days prior to delivery of goods or performance of services, 100% of contract value will become due.



Any condition of contract that the customer may purport to impose shall form no part of the contract between the customer and the contractor. Any changes to these terms and conditions must be agreed in writing. The contractor accepts no responsibility for inaccuracy or misunderstanding arising through orders, instructions, or information given to them by telephone or verbally other than those in writing. None of the contractor’s employees or agents has the right to bind the contractor to any spoken agreement that does not comply with these conditions of sale.



The contractor shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of its obligation to the customer, as a result of causes beyond the contractor’s reasonable control, including strikes, lock-outs, industrial disputes, terrorist activities, fire, or weather conditions.



The client will be held liable for any breakages caused as a direct result of guests’ actions. These will be charged at replacement cost.


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