Stretch tents

Structurally stunning, our stretch tents are ideal for any outdoor space, a new and affordable alternative to hiring a traditional marquee. Our stretch tents are made from an extremely strong, totally waterproof and amazingly stretchy material.

These freestyle structures are architecturally stunning and flexible enough to fit any area, to any size, cover uneven ground, become part of a building and can be configured in countless ways. They can be set up on grass, on a deck or on gravel. To finish off your stretch tent, we can provide a range of services including lighting, flooring and heating.

Freedom to choose your exact location for your party is now a reality.

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10m x 12m - Total Surface 120m2 up to 240 people cocktail,  up to 100 people seated.

20m x 12m - Total Surface 240m2 up to 450 people cocktail,  up to 200 people seated.



Finishing touches for rent

Screenshot 2017-04-24 09.33.50.png


Heaters to make sure your guests keep warm in the evening

Screenshot 2017-04-24 09.33.00.png

Festoon & Fairy lights

Classic festoon lights & Strips of 5m fairy lights to wrap around the stretch tents wooden poles.



Screenshot 2017-04-24 09.53.53.png


Available in sizes up to 70cms high.