How to host the perfect christmas drinks party at your chalet

Don't go crazy and invite the whole resort.  Work out how many people will comfortably fit in your chalet and invite people who you think will have things in common so the conversation will flow easily.

Choose the date - Make sure that there are no other big events going on in the resort.

Provide canapées which can be eaten in one bite, more than this can be complicated.  At christmas time think of warm festive nibbles.

Worried about your furnishings- why not make a delicious white vin chaud instead of the traditional red, any spillages won't ruin your night.

Do have an end time on your invitation - if you want guests to leave make sure it is clear on the invite otherwise you risk having guests stay until the early hours.

Music and lighting are a huge part of your partys success, make sure you have a playlist selected and candles are a great way to add atmosphere.

Make sure you have some help - it is vital that you are entertaining your guests, don't get stuck in the kitchen!