One of Our Biggest Challenges is Making Plan B as good as Plan A

Sunny blue skies are the ideal scenario for your wedding, but quite often rain showers or chilly, windy weather is the reality especially in our beautiful alpine Verbier.  You could skip the whole idea and make plan B your plan A from the get go. Or you could plan for the gorgeous dreamy outdoor wedding you've always wanted, but keep a plan B waiting in the wings if the weather doesn't cooperate.

At RSVPEvents Verbier we are firm believers in delivering your perfect wedding. We love to set up a ceremony in a prairie on a mountain-top. We’ve set up some beautiful ones and we’ve also had our venue destroyed by sleet, snow and rain.

We can Offer Solutions

Our preferred backup option is to put up one of our vendors’ versatile stretch tents on the grounds of the ceremony or nearby. This allows for plenty of coverage from the elements. While a tent might not be quite what you had in mind, it can be a versatile option acting as a blank canvas to meet your theme and achieve the outside vibe you want. We can also add heat to the tent with our gas heaters.  If the weather is really horrible and the bride’s dress doesn’t stand a chance we try to always convince our bride and groom to let us book a back up church. If the reception and dinner was meant to be outdoors we can move it indoors.  We want the party to be as perfect as can be and that means keeping the guests warm and comfortable. A bigger budget would allow for a transparent marquisthat we can put flooring in and this will be like being indoors.

Stall to Keep It Outside

 We always have an eye on the weather (every single weather app!) As is often true in the summer, rain showers can move out just as quickly as they move in. “We will keep the terrace ready if there is a break in the showers to allow guests to move outside” says Clare Parker of RSVP Events Verbier.


The Crazy Thing Is

The crazy thing is sometimes those horrible rainy or snowy days are the more memorable cozy ones if a good back up plan is in place.  “It is stressful” says Marissa Glover “but let us take care of that”.


Top Tip: Communicate With Your Guests

Let your guests know what to expect in terms of terrain and possible weather. No need for the sky high heels if your guests have to walk down a dirt path to get to the ceremony site.

colourful umbrellas will do wonders for brightening up a rainy day

colourful umbrellas will do wonders for brightening up a rainy day