Why choose a stretch tent for your summer party in Switzerland?

What are the benefits of using a stretch tent?
Stretch tents are a new and stylish alternative to a classic marquee. They are freestanding and incredibly flexible so they are able to fit on any area, they are able to cover uneven ground (especially helpful in the swiss alps or a garden overlooking lake Geneva).

With the stunning views in switzerland over looking the lakes in Geneva or Vaud or up in the mountains in Verbier or Gstaad, these tents are perfect as they not only protect from the sun and any weather but offer fabulous views of the Swiss Alps.

For what occasion could you use a stretch tent?
These tents are perfect for weddings, corporate parties and birthday parties.

What happens if there is bad weather?
When installing the tents we carefully consider the weather.   High sided walls are installed when its warm and sunny but the sides can be taken right down to the ground in cast of cold and wet weather.

Whats the cost?
Stretch tents are much easier to construct and take down than a classic marquee therefore are also a more affordable choice for your party.