Why choose a stretch tent for your summer party in Switzerland?

What are the benefits of using a stretch tent?
Stretch tents are a new and stylish alternative to a classic marquee. They are freestanding and incredibly flexible so they are able to fit on any area, they are able to cover uneven ground (especially helpful in the swiss alps or a garden overlooking lake Geneva).

With the stunning views in switzerland over looking the lakes in Geneva or Vaud or up in the mountains in Verbier or Gstaad, these tents are perfect as they not only protect from the sun and any weather but offer fabulous views of the Swiss Alps.

For what occasion could you use a stretch tent?
These tents are perfect for weddings, corporate parties and birthday parties.

What happens if there is bad weather?
When installing the tents we carefully consider the weather.   High sided walls are installed when its warm and sunny but the sides can be taken right down to the ground in cast of cold and wet weather.

Whats the cost?
Stretch tents are much easier to construct and take down than a classic marquee therefore are also a more affordable choice for your party.

Why Choose a Wedding Planner?

You will get experienced professionals

When you look purely at price, you will see that wedding planners will in general cost you a little bit more. This is because they are at the top of their game, and have clocked up countless hours of training and experience in their craft in order to reach that point and they know who all the right vendors are- the florists who deliver the perfect floral decor every time, the photographer that will capture the mood you want and they will smooth everything over.

Clare Parker from RSVP Events in Verbier says, “Cheaper suppliers and plannersnormally mean that they are newer and inexperienced. They are building up a brand and are starting at a base price until they feel they have the expertise to charge more. A quality priced vendor or planner usually means a quality service.  As a client you want eloquence and expertise. Your Wedding day is not a day you want to spend time worrying about letting the florist into the church or reminding the DJ to bring an extra microphone.”

Your wedding day is not the time to risk it

We aim to deliver this- As a recent groom said to us- "you made sure I had the best day of my life and I didn't have to worry about a thing"

It's up to you in the end how much you want to hand over to the wedding planner- if cousin Jill is a hairdresser- get her to help you out with hair.

“Remember, you may be saving $1000 or or so but is it really worth the risk of being stressed on your wedding day? And in many cases your wedding planner can help you get a discount because they have great relationships with current vendors.

Make sure you are clear about your budget from the beginning- The wedding planner can work within it or tell you if you're being unrealistic.

One of Our Biggest Challenges is Making Plan B as good as Plan A

Sunny blue skies are the ideal scenario for your wedding, but quite often rain showers or chilly, windy weather is the reality especially in our beautiful alpine Verbier.  You could skip the whole idea and make plan B your plan A from the get go. Or you could plan for the gorgeous dreamy outdoor wedding you've always wanted, but keep a plan B waiting in the wings if the weather doesn't cooperate.

At RSVPEvents Verbier we are firm believers in delivering your perfect wedding. We love to set up a ceremony in a prairie on a mountain-top. We’ve set up some beautiful ones and we’ve also had our venue destroyed by sleet, snow and rain.

We can Offer Solutions

Our preferred backup option is to put up one of our vendors’ versatile stretch tents on the grounds of the ceremony or nearby. This allows for plenty of coverage from the elements. While a tent might not be quite what you had in mind, it can be a versatile option acting as a blank canvas to meet your theme and achieve the outside vibe you want. We can also add heat to the tent with our gas heaters.  If the weather is really horrible and the bride’s dress doesn’t stand a chance we try to always convince our bride and groom to let us book a back up church. If the reception and dinner was meant to be outdoors we can move it indoors.  We want the party to be as perfect as can be and that means keeping the guests warm and comfortable. A bigger budget would allow for a transparent marquisthat we can put flooring in and this will be like being indoors.

Stall to Keep It Outside

 We always have an eye on the weather (every single weather app!) As is often true in the summer, rain showers can move out just as quickly as they move in. “We will keep the terrace ready if there is a break in the showers to allow guests to move outside” says Clare Parker of RSVP Events Verbier.


The Crazy Thing Is

The crazy thing is sometimes those horrible rainy or snowy days are the more memorable cozy ones if a good back up plan is in place.  “It is stressful” says Marissa Glover “but let us take care of that”.


Top Tip: Communicate With Your Guests

Let your guests know what to expect in terms of terrain and possible weather. No need for the sky high heels if your guests have to walk down a dirt path to get to the ceremony site.

colourful umbrellas will do wonders for brightening up a rainy day

colourful umbrellas will do wonders for brightening up a rainy day

Essential tips to start wedding planning


Dont start planning too early!

Eight months to a year should be long enough to plan your wedding day, anything over this and you may well get tired of all the organisation.

Set the budget

Dont start spending until you have set a budget, its easy to forget all the little extras and these all add up.   A wedding planner like rsvpevents will help you gain control.

Work out the number of guests and book the Venue

The first thing to work out is how many guests you will expect to attend, from here you can work out which venues will suit.

Don't rule out venues as they are too small

If a venue has sufficient garden or terrace space a beautiful stretch tent can be set up to accommodate your wedding party.

Dont be afraid of a location wedding

As long as you have a great wedding planner on board to help, there is no reason why a location wedding will be a problem.  Its a fantastic way to get your family and friends to spend some quality time together.

Book the best photographer

Its important to spend some time researching local photographers, the photos are the one thing that will stay with you forever.

Always have a plan B

If you are dreaming about a mountain top ceremony with stunning mountains as the backdrop then its important to have a plan b, mountain weather can be unpredictable. 

Seat Planning: Everything you Need to Know

If you're having 50 guests at a Barbeque Buffet, you may or may not want to give people a seat assignment. But if you're having more than 70 guests, and serving a meal, you'll want to make sure everyone's got a precise place to sit. Why? For one, people like to know where they're sitting—and that you took the time to choose where they should sit—and with whom. It's also primordial if you're serving several different entrée choices, because the chef and the waiters can figure out beforehand how many chicken, filet and veggie dishes a given table gets, because they know who's sitting there.

Don't Wait Until The Last Minute

We've stayed up til the wee hours of the night before the wedding (or even wedding morning) with a couple just starting their seating plan. Don't let this happen—you've got much more important things to think about at that point! Sure, it's fine to make last-minute changes, but try to get the chart  done at least a week before the day.


Create aspreadsheet. Insert a column into your guest list document categorizing all the invitees by relationship: your friends, your family, your partner's friend, your partner's family, your family friends, your partner's family friends and so on. This way, you'll be able to easily sort the list and break it down into more logical table assortments. Now you'll need to separate these lists into distinct tables.

The Head Table

A traditional head table is not round but long and straight, facing all the other reception tables. Usually the bride and groom sit smack-dab in the middle (where everyone can see them), with the maid of honor next to the groom, the best man next to the bride, and then boy/girl out from there. Flower girls and ring bearers usually sit at the tables where their parents are sitting.

Traditionally, your parents and your fiancé's parents sit at the same table, along with grandparents, siblings not in the wedding party, and the officiant and his/her spouse if they are attending the reception. But if your or your partner's parents are divorced and are uncomfortable about sitting next to each other, you might want to let each set of parents host their own table of close family and/or friends . This could mean up to four parents' tables. Remember, the parent-seating question is a flexible one. Set it up in whatever way best suits everybody.

Tame Tensions

There may also be situations in which certain family members just do not get along. Maybe they haven't spoken in years. Understandably, you want to keep them as far apart as possible. Think about these kinds of relationships before you even start making your chart, so you can take them into consideration in the first place and begin by seating Aunt Maddie at table three and Aunt Nancy across the room at table 15.

Play Matchmaker

Obviously, all your university friends will be excited to sit at a table together. It gives them all an opportunity to catch up with each other, and get up to old shenanigans. But again—reception tables offer a fun opportunity to stir the pot and mix your friends and your partner's—who knows maybe someone will hit it off? Consider seating friends who don't know each other, but who you think will get along , at the same table—and the rest is history.

How to host the perfect christmas drinks party at your chalet

Don't go crazy and invite the whole resort.  Work out how many people will comfortably fit in your chalet and invite people who you think will have things in common so the conversation will flow easily.

Choose the date - Make sure that there are no other big events going on in the resort.

Provide canapées which can be eaten in one bite, more than this can be complicated.  At christmas time think of warm festive nibbles.

Worried about your furnishings- why not make a delicious white vin chaud instead of the traditional red, any spillages won't ruin your night.

Do have an end time on your invitation - if you want guests to leave make sure it is clear on the invite otherwise you risk having guests stay until the early hours.

Music and lighting are a huge part of your partys success, make sure you have a playlist selected and candles are a great way to add atmosphere.

Make sure you have some help - it is vital that you are entertaining your guests, don't get stuck in the kitchen!

Social media etiquette - dos and don'ts at a wedding

Wondering whether or not its ok to take photos and post them on social media at a wedding?  Here's our thoughts on the subject.

  1. Ask permission - Ask the bride or groom if they are happy with you posting photos on social media.  
  2. An official hashtag # - Often couples create a hashtag for the day, guests can then upload them to instagram and they will all be filed in the same place.
  3. Wait until the bride has posted - Dont steal the limelight and post a photo before the bride, this is just rude.